Make an original gift with Anger Games!



Have you ever been so angry and frustrated to just need a big scream? What about the incredible necessity we sometimes have to push out disappointment, wrath and anger, but we just cannot, due to the context on which we live?

We allow you to break down this wall and completely free your primal instincts, with a precise focus on the mother of the 7 deadly sins: ANGER!

A unique room, completely soundproofed and equipped, several items to destroy, a crowbar, personal protections and your favorite music in a dedicated playlist... 15 minutes of revitalizing treatment at 180bpm, plus an HD video you can share with your friends and play every time you want!

And finally: you can come with a friend, your mother, your lover, your enemy; you can also come with your grandmother or alone. Inside the room there's space for maximum 2 persons at the same time. 

You can also bring your own items (which we will evaluate) and destroy them...Now your failed wedding porcelain set has a meaning :) !




Storage del Cliente                      

Storage Anger Games                


Piede di porco                      

Ferro da Golf

Mazza da cantiere

Tubo d'acciaio            



° The effective time inside the room is 15', whilst the reservation slot is 30' to perform Briefing and Debriefing. You can access the room if you are > 18 and without any specific pathology. For every restriction, please check our rules document you can find online (currently only in italian) or at our premises. Before entering the room you must read and sign our rule and our liability exclusion document.



 Client USB stick/Micro SD (min 4 GB)             Anger Games USB stick/Micro SD


Baseball/Cricket bat                   

Golf iron

Aluminium shovel

Iron bar         

ADDITIONAL ITEMS* - to integrate a standard pack

Small size electronics

Medium size electronics

Big size electronics

Wooden furniture                from

Specific request






* for extra items availability it is strictly related to our stock in the moment of your session. It can happen that some item is not always available. 

If your desire is to precisely brake a specific item, please ask that directly in the moment of your booking registration.

On demand, we are pleased to create your own event (birthday parties, hen/bachelor parties, divorces, team-building). Contact us for any additional info you need!

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